I’m on vacation and will be on a plane for hours. Last time, for the first time ever, I got land sickness really bad. This time I’m trying the seaband. A few friends recommended it. Hopefully it works! My fibro pain is pretty bad today. Not looking forward sitting in an uncomfortable position for 9 hours 😫

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Vitamin B12 injections

Gave myself my second Vitamin B shot. This time I took someone’s advice and twisted my skin while injecting. It distributed so much better than without twisting the skin!

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Hematology follow up

I had my follow up visit last Friday with my Hematologist. Ferritin is now in the 500 range👍 Even with the shots I got weekly,my Vitamin B12 is just on the low end of the normal range and so is my Vitamin D. That’s with taking 50000U ones a week. I’m suppose to continue taking the Vitamin D and give myself Vitamin B12 shots every 2 weeks for at least the next 3 months. I have another follow up appointment then.

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Vitamin B12 injections

While I got my weekly iron infusions, I also got a Vitamin B12 shot the same time. I have a B12 deficiency and I need to start giving myself Vitamin B12 injections every 2 weeks from now on for at least 3 months. I gave myself the first injection today. It wasn’t near a bad as I thought it would be👍

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Lab work

Waiting to get my blood drawn for lab work. Iron studies, ferritin, B12 and D25. Have a follow up appointment with my Hematologist Friday. Anxious about the results after my iron infusions.

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Round 4 Iron Infusions done

I had my last iron infusion this past Friday. This time everything went well! The nurses knew about the ordeal I had the previous time and were very caring. Four days later I’m still very nauseous and constipated. Hopefully that will improve the next couple of days! Next week I have to get blood drawn for lab work and I see my Hematologist a few days after.

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Round 3 Iron infusions done

I had my 3rd iron infusion last Friday. I’ve had a lot of infusions before but never this bad! The nurse was horrible! The lady next too me had the same bad experience. At the first try putting in the IV she blows my vein. No biggie, happened before.

Second try she put it in the back of my hand. As soon as she was done and left, I was leaking blood and fluids. I also had red streaks appear on my hand and wrist. She said it’s a reaction to the Zofran she put in my IV. Nope, don’t think so! By that time the pillow I rested my arm on was really wet because of the fluids leaking. She finally cleaned me up. A short time later my wrist was burning and hurting extremely bad and started to swell. I called the nurse over again. I knew what happened but she pretended to be clueless. She said she had no idea what would cause this. I told her what I thought had happened and she said, maybe when she cleaned me up before she pushed the needle through the vein. No kidding! She took the IV out and gave me a heat pack to put on my hand to help with the pain.

3rd time she finally got it right and placed the IV in my other arm. I was more than upset! Her mind was definitely not on the job as she kept telling everyone about her vacation. Thank God she won’t be there Friday! The poor lady sitting next to me had to get her IV moved 5 times because of the same issues!

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