Please understand…

I really wish friends and family would understand that. Just because xyz is functioning after a night out dancing doesn’t mean I can. 😥😫

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Happy New Year

May you find peace and happiness despite your health challenges!

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Merry Christmas

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year!

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My Sunday morning routine. One if the things people don’t realize when they find out you’re having a (or more) chronic illness. My family is still very uncomfortable seeing me sort my meds. Makes me feel bad too. I wish I wouldn’t have to be on all of those meds but they make my life a little better and I can function more or less.

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High Pain Day

Hi all! I’m in terrible pain today. My work week was rough and I’m worn out. We’ve had very bad thunderstorms last night and I didn’t get much sleep. I feel like I’m having a bad hangover. The pain meds aren’t even taking the edge off and I’ve been in bed all day. I have to work tomorrow but if I feel like this in the morning I may call off.

Ever since this Corona Virus started, my work has been crazy. I’m an essential worker and my work days are stressful. I’ve been dragging myself to work every day, pain or not. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up. I feel like I need to talk to someone. My work offers counseling and since I don’t have a therapist at the moment I may look into that. It’s just all too much on top of my fibromyalgia pain and I can feel my depression getting worse. It just sucks. Thanks for listening!

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Nightmare of filling out medical forms

Anyone else gets overwhelmed when filling out medical history forms? This is for my long awaited appointment with a Rheumatologist. Been waiting to get in since last year October and my appointment last week got moved to June because of the Corona virus. My Hematologist is referring me, my lab works shows I could have RA. I hope not! I’m kinda looking forward to this and hopefully get input on my fibro care. So far I’ve only seen my PCP for treatment all these years. April 1st was my 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with this illnesis and it’s been hell!

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Happy Easter

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New Year

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

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Follow up visit

I had a follow up visit with my Hematologist last week. Now my ferritin is way too high along with other lab results that are off. She ia suspecting I have RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis and referred me to a Rheumatologist. Earliest appointment is in April😫

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I had my yearly mammogram last week. I went to a different hospital this time since I’m really unhappy with my old one. I had a great experience and my technician was wonderful! Wish I would’ve made the switch sooner. I even had a small private waiting area. Definitely made it feel less clinical.

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