My 30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge


Day 2: How have these illnesses affected your life?

I keep to myself now. Never had that many friends anyway and they all decided that it just sucks to be friends with a chronic pain patient. Oh well, at least now I know who my real friends are! It really bothers me that I can’t do the things I used to do anymore. I used to be a very active person. Loved hiking, climbing, skiing, ice skating. The only thing I can still do is ice skating and I pay dearly for it afterward. It also put a burden on my family and I just hate that! Unable to clean or do chores around the house some days makes me feel so guilty, because I just lay down and rest. I can’t or won’t do fun things anymore. Going to the movies is just horrible but I try to go with my husband every so often. I’ve got very depressed and just want my old life back!

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