Well, since I’m stubborn and don’t listen to my body when it screams at me to stop, I’m really tired and hurting today. I did way to much yard work yesterday. Sure, it needed to get done but not to the point of exhaustion! It was such a nice day out, warm and sunny, It felt so good to be outside after the extremely cold weather we were having.

Woke up this morning in a lot more pain than the past few days. Sore and exhausted, I was able to take a nap and I feel a little better now but haven’t managed to change out of my pj’s yet. It’s almost dinner time…ugh!

Again I’m frustrated and ask myself why can’t I just do the things that “normal” people do? Why do I pay for it with pain and exhaustion the following days? It’s so unfair! I am way to stubborn and independent to ask for help and just keep pushing myself. Really need to learn to listen to my body and only to a little at a time.

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