Busy day

Feeling really run down right now. Had so much to do today and I couldn’t take all my meds like you normally would. Playing catch up…ugh. I don’t know about you, but if I know I need to be driving around the same time I take my pain meds, I skip them. I hate doing this, but sometimes the either make me dizzy or really drowsy. Been on the road once before when all of a sudden the drowsy part kicked in. Nope, not doing that again!
So now I’m waiting for my evening dose and hopefully I’ll be back on track in the morning!

Not really looking forward to Easter Sunday. It will be stressful for sure… 😦

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2 Responses to Busy day

  1. Know exactly what you mean! The day before a Holiday is full of activity-not to mention the Holiday itself! Got my feet up and ice on various swollen joints with a pain pill on board myself. We have to take our time outs and pace ourselves-not an easy lesson is it?

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