Starting to feel better

After almost 2 weeks being in more pain than usual, I’m starting to feel better. Seems like my fibro flare is calming down and my back pain is now a constant dull ache compared to the stabbing, burning pain. I am very tired. Even though I haven’t done much of anything these past 2 weeks, except laying down, resting my back and go to the store for groceries once. The being tired part is what people don’t understand! Wondering why I’m tired after just laying around. Well, let’s see, adding anything else to the chronic pain, will make any chronic pain patient tired. We’re already fighting our monsters every hour of every day. Something simple as a cold has a huge impact on our bodies. I tried to explain but it is very hard for a “normal person” to understand. It’s extremely frustrating and I feel like I’ve done something wrong by listening to my body. That part I need to do more often!

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One Response to Starting to feel better

  1. You an me both sister; i understand how hard it is to just take time for yourself-I seldom do so thinking that if I just keep moving the pain will get better; however (and I am sure you know this) it seems to get worse. Then I am so cranky with those around me that I hate myself! Don’t feel bad for resting-you are doing the right thing; I shall take a lesson from you and do the same!

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