What a day….

I’m so frustrated with myself right now. This day started out crappy and it’s not gonna end good either. This morning I literally dropped everything I picked up. Spilled soda all over the counter, dropped eggs on the floor, just because my right hand decided once again, it would act up. I just didn’t have any strength to hold anything tight. So having to fix breakfast for my husband, feed my pets and cleaning up, I was tired before the morning was over. This is not just being clumsy. I fracture my right wrist 2 years ago, had two surgeries and since than I have trouble with my hand. I can’t hold things the right way, because my wrist doesn’t bend like it should anymore. I have strength issues ( obliviously ) and ended up with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to the surgery and pain, lots of pain. When I fractured my wrist everyone just thought, surgery, cast, healed. NOPE…I get to enjoy the nice extras, that happens to 1 in xyz patients.

Then I spent 3 hours this afternoon at the Ear Nose Throat doc with my son. He had a small procedure done on his nose. I am so tired and I have done nothing but sit. How is that even possible. That should not make me this tired!
I just wanna go to bed, but I still need to fix dinner and go to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions.

This is just something, “normal” people don’t understand. They may know we are sick, but the don’t realize that it comes with all these nice little extras that no one tells you about.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Just so darn frustrated right now 😦

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2 Responses to What a day….

  1. Tessa says:

    I feel for you. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one for you.

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