Big weekend

Been a few days since my last post. I was extremely busy leading up to my son’s graduation this past weekend. Most of you know that graduation is a stressful event to a “normal” person, for a spoonie it’s a different story. I wasn’t feeling good this past week anyway, was busy Friday nigh going grocery shopping and in pain the rest of the night. The next morning, my husband was so sweet! He got up with the dogs, took care of all our pets. When I got up to help, he told me to go back to bed and rest up for this long day. We had to be there two hours before the event started and by the time it finally did, my back and legs were so sore. I had the pain under control as I took extra meds before leaving the house. I think I was running on adrenaline the whole day. I was able to enjoy the event despite being uncomfortable. I forced myself to, after all, my son only graduates once from High School. We went out to dinner afterwards and came home by 7pm. After taking care of a few things I crashed and was in bed 30 min. later. Pain kicked in big time and after taking my meds, I fell asleep and slept for almost 12 hours.

Yesterday was a stay in my PJ’s kinda day. The weather turned much colder and I was in pain. Surprisingly not excruciating, more like a dull pain all over, especially in my legs. My legs are the part of my body most  affected by fibromyalgia. I didn’t do a whole lot. Laid in bed, watched TV for a few hours and then my husband and I played a PC game together. That took my mind of the pain for sure. I went back to bed straight after dinner and slept another 10 hours.

This morning my pain was around a 6. That’s were it is most days. My brain fog was really bad and now it started to rain and my pain is creeping up. I’m not up to doing much today either….

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4 Responses to Big weekend

  1. magickmogwai says:

    My boyfriend always tells me the pain has to be worth it. Sounds like you enjoyed a major milestone of your son’s despite the illness and now you have to pay for having such a wonderful event with pain. It sucks but the pain has to be worth it. Sending you hugs! Hope you are feeling up to more soon

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  2. paynepills says:

    I say that folks like us have to pay for things like your son’s graduation. We can do it, we can push through and make it happen, but the next day, or days, we pay the price for it in extra pain and exhaustion. But we’re absolutely willing to do so. We just have to be aware of the trade-offs. Sounds like you’re a smart spoonie on this front. And congrats on your son’s graduation!

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