Friday Question

How much is the life of your pet worth to you?

I’m talking serious health issues. We’ve had a few tough decisions to make regarding our pets health. We used to say, we’re not going past xxx amount, but when the time comes, we usually go along with the vet’s recommendations. We were recently put into this position when our oldest cat (15)  got gravely ill and we followed the vets treatment plan. I don’t think you can put a price on your pet’s life. To me they’re like family and I need to try to make sure they get the care they deserve.


Wieviel ist das euch das Leben eures Haustieren wert?

Wir hatten schon einige schwere Entscheidungen zu treffen und wir haben immer gesagt das wir nur bis zu einem bestimmten Betrag zahlen. Wenn die Zeit aber kommt, dann folgen wir normalerweise den Therapievorschlaegen unseres Tierarztes. Wir waren erst kuerzlich in dieser Situation, als einer unserer Kater (15) schwer krank wurde. Natuerlich haben wir dem Behandlungsvorschlag des Tierarztes zugestimmt. Ich denke wirklich nicht das man pauschal sagen kann, was das Leben eine Haustieres einem wert ist. Fuer mich gehoeren sie zur Familie und ich muss versuchen alles zu tun um ihnen die best moeglich Pflege zukommen zu lassen.

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6 Responses to Friday Question

  1. My first instinct is to say no more than $300, but that’s me thinking of our cats as furniture. I know if our cats were seriously injured or ill, my heart would break for them, and we would pay whatever we could afford to make them well again or comfortable. They really are part of our family.

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  2. New Journey says:

    I agree, they are part of the family, but we had to put one of our old dogs down a couple years ago…he was 10 and a sheltie….the son my husband never had….LOL but his kidneys stopped functioning, it was either a painful dialysis or death, and that would of followed sooner than later the vet said…of course we asked out vet, whom we love, and he said he would never put an animal through that….he just had to give us all out options….I have an old – 13yrs old border collie with hip dysplasia….she is on medication daily and pain pills as needed…I have had her 12 years….it is like watching my elderly mother slowly dying… sad…I feel for you….

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    • suomi571 says:

      I’m so sorry! It’s heartbreaking when our pets get old. We’ve had a 13 year old cat with stage CRF. It was terrible but the vet said we should try give her fluids and diet changes. She did perk up, but after 4 weeks of this we put her asleep. Didn’t want her to suffer any longer. Now my 15 year old cat has CRF as well but only stage 2. we give him fluids 2x a week and changed his diet. He’s doing pretty well considering. We know his condition can change in a heartbeat and as soon as he’s suffering we have him put to sleep.


  3. suomi571 says:

    I know, I even worry about my in-laws dog…lol. Pets are such an amazing gift to us.


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