I’ve been better

Until today my pain wasn’t too bad these past few days. It seems like my fibro monster has decided to invade my left hip. The pain is terrible, shooting down my leg. Now this is of course on top of my “normal” daily pain. It’s just frustrating! They say that fibromyalgia isn’t a  progressive disease but sometimes I wonder if that’s true….

I’ve been feeling very depressed for some time now. Just can’t seem to crawl out of this dark hole. I’m focusing on the good things during the day and it helps some. I think I’m still working through my personal issues surrounding the holidays. Hopefully I’ll be better soon! I’ve been putting myself first for the  past week and made time for myself to do whatever. Mostly I’ve been reading but it’s nice to forget about chores and issues for awhile and just have some “me time”.


Meine Schmerzen war bis heute erträglich. Sieht so aus, als ob mein Fibromonster sich entschieden hat mal meine linke Hüfte zu ärgern. Die Shmerzen sind wirklich schlimm und schiessen das ganze Bein runter. Natürlich ist das zusätlich zu meinen normalen täglichen Schmerzen. So frustrierend! Es heisst ja das Fibromzalgie keine fortschreitende Krankheit ist, aber manchmal bezweifel ich das wirklich…

Ich bin seit einiger Zeit ziemlich deprimiert. Ich kann einfach nicht aus meinem dunklen Loch kriechen. Ich suche jeden Tag nach positiven Dingen und es hilft etwas. Ich glaube ich verarbeite noch einige persönliche Dinge die mit den Feiertagen zu tun haben. Hoffentrlich geht es mir bald besser! Diese Woche hab ich auch mehr an mich gedacht und seh zu das ich jeden Tag Zeit für mich habe. Meistens lese ich, aber wenigstens mache und denke ich mal an mich selber.

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7 Responses to I’ve been better

  1. seachy says:

    I’m part of a user based support group for chronic pain sufferer’s, the experience of the people in the group I know certainly would support your thoughts about it being progressive. I think something that can be triggered by a trauma or just develop must to a certain extent be just that. Sorry don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, the plus side I would say is that certainly in the UK there is more and more people and professionals understanding this illness and recognising it so there is more help and support available. I feel your pain as mine has spiked too and that coupled with the weather and time of year has certainly impacted on my mood! Hope things settle for you soon 🙂

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  2. suomi571 says:

    Thank you! My doctor also said it could be triggered any number of things. The daily struggle with my depression is based on experiences in my childhood. I need to work through it and some events are a bad trigger. Thanks for the support! Means a lot! 🙂


  3. lydiaA1614 says:

    I am also experiencing a huge pain spike right now. The major source is my right knee which had replacement surgery in 2008; however it is in other areas as well (on top of my normal “never going to go away or lessen” pain. In my research FM is not degenerative; however, the pain spikes can be stronger or weaker at different times and different places in the body. I am sending you gentle hugs. I also had to work through a lot of bad stuff triggering my depression. However, I did work through it and it is very much worth the emotional and physical pain to conquer it.


    • suomi571 says:

      Thank you so much! My pain is different every day. I always have pain in both of my legs from the knees down. Fibro is not for the faint hearten. I hope I will be able to work through my issues soon. I’ve been talking about it more and it helps.

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      • lydiaA1614 says:

        Yes, talking it out can surely help. Specially to others who have similar situations as you. I was able to attend a fibromyalgia support group many years ago (about 3 years after my diagnosis) and a chronic pain clinic 5 years ago. The help we got from the professionals was invaluable but the real medicine was being able to talk openly knowing all the other participants totally understood where you were coming from. We lifted each other up, kept us all accountable and I am still in touch with some of my pain clinic friends after all this time. I am always here if you need an understanding ear as are many others. 🙂

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      • suomi571 says:

        Thank you so much, you’re so kind 🙂 So happy you were able to keep in touch! There is one fibro support group in my area but they only meet a few times a year. Not very organized…I keep looking

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