Leg pain

My legs are the most affected by fibromyalgia. Some days worse than others. Weather changes make it worse! 

Meine Beine sind am meisten von der Fibromyalgie betroffen. Mal mehr, mal weniger. Jeder Wetterwechsel macht die Schmerzen schlimmer! 

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11 Responses to Leg pain

  1. EllenL says:

    Mine too, and even when I’m ill with something completely unrelated (like I am now), it’s always my legs that suffer.

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  2. Nikki says:

    For me it’s mostly my arms, shoulders and back. My legs usually have knots in them I only discover if I am rub lotion on them or press against something. I the pain eases.

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  3. snowdroplets says:

    My legs really hurt too! Makes it hard to stand and walk as much as I’d like to. 😞

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  4. My legs are awful right now but we’ve had a weather change. It’s raining , damp and cold and the pain woke me up at 4am. Didn’t help I left the window open.

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