Three Things Thursday

Each Thursday I will post three things from the previous week that made me smile, laugh or just happy and enjoy life.
wp-1473358848106.png~ my husband took me out to dinner
~ finished two knitting projects
~ went to another painting class with my sister in-law 🙂

What made you happy?


~ Mein Mann war mit mir Essen
~ Hab zwei Strickarbeiten fertig bekommen
~ War wieder mit meiner Schwägerin zum malen 🙂

Was hat euch froh gestimmt?

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4 Responses to Three Things Thursday

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    The biggest thing that is making me happy is that everywhere I seem to go in cyberspace everyone is talking about what makes them happy! 😀 Seriously, it is incredibly contagious and living in a chronic world that is the best medicine of all.
    The other two things that have made me happy are my loving husband and my two fur-kids who all do their best to show their love for me.

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  2. The first one I would say is getting the heat fixed in the cottage, it’s cold by the lake now. The Fall colors make me happy and I spent time with a friend I haven’t seen in 5 years.

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