Dental Phobia

For the past 2 months I’ve been dealing with dental issues. I have severe dental phobia which makes everything take longer. Procedures can’t be taken care of the same day because I need to have sedation dentistry done. It started out with my, already damaged front tooth, being badly chipped. I got an appointment the next day at the dentist my husband goes to. I was terrified but the dentist was extremely caring and understanding of my fears. I was prescribed pain medication and two sedatives for the day of the procedure 3 weeks later. I don’t remember much off the day when I had my appointment. The sedatives worked and I also got nitrous oxide (laughing gas). I was pretty loopy for the next 2 days. That visit took over 4 hours. I hadn’t been to a dentist in years and I had, what they would’ve usually do in 7 visits, done in one. I had a tooth pulled which had been bugging me for years, cleaning, chipped tooth fixed and fillings done.

The extraction site healed up nicely but about 2 weeks later I’ve got a terrible tooth ache on a molar. I’ve never had a toothache like this before. Went to the dentist the next day, was prescribed some mouthwash and to come back the following week. I saw my own dentist the week after and was told that the tooth was infected due to the cleaning. They went too deep under my gum line. So 10 days later I’ve had that one pulled and fillings fixed that were hurting me as well (with sedation of course) I’m currently still recovering from the extraction, as I just got that done a little over a week ago.

I should be good for awhile now! I have a cleaning in May. I’m anxious but they will use the nitrous oxide again.

Of course I talked with my therapist about my severe anxiety and she gave me a lot of pointers on how to calm myself. Due to all the stress and of course my main food has been soup for the past weeks, I’ve lost 10 lbs.

wp-1490208992937.jpgShe also gave me a “worry stone”. It was great to have something in my hand I could focus on. It’s just something to distract me a little from the stressful situation . I’m thankful for her help!

I’m still terrified of the dentist but I now know, that with the help of sedation dentistry, I can get through it! Everyone at the dental office was extremely nice and tried everything to make me as comfortable as possible. After all the really bad dental experiences in my life, I’m glad to have found a dentist that is caring and takes me and my fears seriously!

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