Iron Infusion

Had my 4th and last (for now) iron infusion Friday. Nurse practitioner said numbers are up but I’m still considered anemic but they don’t want to give me another infusion. I’m having labs and a follow up in March. I’m not really happy with the nurse practitioner. She didn’t even had my chart when she talked to me and it was oblivious she just glanced over my lab results as she didn’t go in too much detail and just vaguely answered my questions. I just hope I’ll start to feel better soon.

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Iron Infusion # 2

I had my 2nd iron infusion yesterday. This time the nurse picked a better spot for the IV and wrapped my arm with a heating pad right from the start. It did help as the pain in my arm wasn’t nearly as bad as it was the time before. I feel awful again with flu like symptoms and bad body ache. Hopefully it won’t last as long as last time! I felt really sick until Thursday. Go figure, just in time for the next infusion 😣 My next infusion is Friday.

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Iron Infusion

I had my 1st iron infusion last Friday. They are no joke! Infusion took 2 hours. After 20 min the arm with the IV in started hurting all the way up to my shoulder. The nurse said that sometimes the iron is irritating the blood vessels. They put a heating pad on my arm which helped some. I was exhausted when I got home and took a 3 hour nap. I felt so bad after I woke up. Felt like I had the flu with severe body aches. I went back to bed and slept for 14 hours! Spent most of Saturday in bed. Felt a little better Sunday but still achy. Today the pain is better but I still feel like I have the flu. I don’t! It’s one of many possible side effect of the Venofer Infusion. The nurse also told me that the side effects won’t be as bad the next time. I sure hope she’s right! The hematologist also ordered Vitamin B shots and I get those at the same time. I’m supposed to get at least 4 infusions, ones a week, maybe 5. I really hope the next one will be better!

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Hematologist Appointment

Due to celiac disease I’m severely anemic. Finally had an appointment with a hematologist. She was super nice and I actually got more info on my celiac from her than any of my other doctors. Starting next week Friday I will have an iron infusion for 4 weeks ones a week. She told me I will feel awful for a few days after the infusion. Not looking forward to that at all😣 I’ve been feeling like crap for months now and she said I will feel a huge improvement after I’m done with all the infusions. I sure hope so! I’m out of breath, heart is pounding, dizzy and I feel like I’m close to passing out all the time, which I actually have a few time recently. Just want to get this over and done with!

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